The Watermark


Our focus is on acquiring (i) value and income producing properties in stable and growing metropolitan markets, (ii) distressed properties that offer above average risk adjusted returns such as short-sales, trust deeds and REO. 

In our approach to value based real estate investing, we target primary and secondary markets, where population, employment and personal income are growing at rates higher than national averages; where barriers to entry exist; or where macro and micro economic risk and volatility can be reasonably measured. While real estate has been and will continue to be cyclical, Metric Holdings believes there are attractive investment opportunities in both down and up markets.


Project Identification




Experience through Economic Cycles, Capital Market Fluctuation,

Acquisitions & Execution.

Institutional, Public & Private Relationships. 

Development, Land-Use & Entitlement

Adaptive Re-Use

Land, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Hospitality

Disciplined approach to opportunistic investing by employing a combination of:

Thorough underwriting and due diligence of the underlying property/asset.

Comprehensive knowledge of capital market trends and financial structuring.

Extensive development, investment and trading experience.

Assigning the highest priority to disseminating reliable, real time and detailed information in order to apply the most proactive management to our assets, and the forwarding of data and results to our investors and partners.

Utilization of market levels of leverage in acquisitions and development of its projects.